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App Assets Reference

App Assets are static files included in an App that can be included in Snippets to extend storefront themes.

App Bundle Max Size is 2MB

App bundle max size is 2MB, it's important to minimize and reduce the size of the assets in your App to maintain efficiency. If you are compiling CSS or JS bundles locally, it is recommended to not include the raw source files and only include the compiled minified files.

Asset Usage Example

In the example below, our app uses my-app.js to add custom funcationality on the storefront that should be loaded on every page of the store.

Example App Structure
 ├── assets
 │   └──  my-app.js
 ├── snippets
 │   └──  global-footer.html
 └── manifest.json

In order to add my-app.js to every page of the store, we'll add it to a snippet that uses the app_asset_url tag to reference the file source in a script tag.

Example Asset Usage in Snippet
<script src=="{% app_asset_url 'assets/my-app.js' %}"></script>

Assets are Loaded from a CDN

All assets are loaded from a CDN which does not support local file imports from another file. It's a best practice to compile and minify your assets into self contained single files.

In order to configure the snippet to load into a theme app_hook we'll add it to the app manifest locations:storefront configured with the desired location.

Example Manifest.json
  "locations": {
    "storefront": {
      "global_footer": "snippets/global-footer.html",

Once you've done this, you should now see that my-app.js is being loaded on every page on the storefront globally in the footer. 👏

Supported File Types

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