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Product Attributes

Product attributes let you set additional data for a product through a Product Class and are an important concept for catalogue modeling. As a theme developer, you can leverage product attributes in templates to customize the product display.

Template Access

Product Attributes have a code field which in turn becomes available as a variable in templates for rendering.

{{ product.attr.<code> }}

Values set on the product for the given product attribute will render in the product template. This concept can be used to create customized and configurable products in the storefront.


Let's look at an example of adding support for a Product Tagline to a product template that can be set on an individual product basis in the dashboard.

  1. Create Tagline Product Attribute

    On your Product Class, add a new Text attribute with the code tagline.

  2. Add Tagline Attribute Variable to Product Template

    In your theme's product template, add render the tagline by accessing it with a template variable.

    {{ product.attr.tagline }}
  3. Add Tagline Value to Product

    In your product, set a value for the Tagline attribute to render the Tagline in your store. 👏