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Checkout Links

Checkout Links allow you add links from any website, email or web marketing channel directly to your store's checkout flow with items pre-loaded in their cart.

As a one-time purchase

With the link below, 2 products would be added to the cart with an applied voucher.

https://<store domain>/checkout/add/?product=12:1&product=13:3&voucher=PROMO&currency=usd

As a subscription

With the following link, 1 product would be added to the cart as a subscription renewing every 3 months.

https://<store domain>/checkout/add/?product=12:1:3:month&currency=usd

Supported Parameters

Checkout link parameters can be broadly split into two groups, Cart Parameters controlling the products and discounts applied to the cart and Attribution Parameters to marketing attribution reporting.

Cart Parameters

productid:qty:interval_count:intervalPass product ID, quantity, interval count (number of) and interval (day, week, month) to add to the cart
vouchervoucher codeApply a voucher to add to the cart
currencycurrency codeSet the currency for the cart and product prices
replacetrue/falsereplace existing cart, default is true

Attribution Parameters

In addition to populating the cart, you can pass attribution parameters to attribute the order to your marketing channel.

utm_sourceThe referrer: (e.g. google, newsletter)
utm_mediumMarketing medium: (e.g. cpc, banner, email)
utm_campaignProduct, promo code, or slogan (e.g. spring_sale)
utm_termIdentify the paid keywords
utm_contentUse to differentiate ads
funnelUse to attribute funnels
gclidAdwords click ID
evclidEverflow Click ID
affMain affiliate / network
sub1Sub affiliate 1
sub2Sub affiliate 2
sub3Sub affiliate 3
sub4Sub affiliate 4
sub5Sub affiliate 5
attribution_metadata.KEY=VALUEAttribution Metadata key/value pair
clear_attribution=falsePass this to only update existing attribution for the cart.
Last Click Attribution

Attribution on carts and the subsequent orders uses "Last Click" attribution model meaning that each time new attribution is passed it will replace all existing attribution data for the cart. Passing clear_attribution=false as a querystring will keep existing attribution and update any new attribution passed.