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Apps and supporting tools are in Public Beta, if you have questions or run into any issues, don't hesitate to reach out to More documentation, more examples, and more tools are on the way.

Apps allow you to extend built-in functionality of the 29 Next platform to solve merchant challenges and create new functionality all wrapped into an easily installed App.

Apps Allow You To

Extend Core Functionality

Use Webhooks to subscribe to events and the Admin API to add new logic and integrations, see the Server to Server Guide.

Extend Storefront Themes

Use App Snippets with storefront locations to inject HTML/CSS/JS into themes, see the Storefront Extension Guide

Example Apps

We have full featured open source example apps that provide full code examples for many of the concepts required for building apps.

Example AppsDescriptionLink
Example S2S AppServer to Server demonstration of OAuth Flow, Session Tokens, Remote Settings, Webhook Setup and VerificationView
Google Tag ManagerDemonstrates App Snippets and Theme App Hooks to add custom javascript events to storefronts.View
Fulfillment Service AppDemonstrates demonstration of OAuth Flow and the Fulfillment Flow using the Fulfillment APIs.View

If you need a development store for your app, submit a development store request below and we'll hook you up. Request a Development Store

App Developer Reference Guides