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Admin API access is controlled granularly by Scopes that are associated with each OAuth App and associated Access Tokens.

admin:readAccess to list and view all data
admin:writeAccess to create and update all data
carts:readAccess to list and view carts
carts:writeAccess to create and update carts
catalogue:readAccess to list and view catalogue related objects
catalogue:writeAccess to create and update catalogue related objects
disputes:readAccess to list and view disputes
disputes:writeAccess to create and update disputes
fulfillment_service:readAccess to list assigned fulfillment orders and own locations
fulfillment_service:writeAccess to create fulfillment locations and fulfillments
fulfillment_orders:readAccess to list fulfillment order fulfillment requests
fulfillment_orders:writeAccess to update fulfillment order fulfillment requests
locations:readAccess to list and view all locations
locations:writeAccess to create and update locations
metadata:readAccess to list and view all metadata definitions
metadata:writeAccess to create and update metadata definitions
orders:readAccess to list and view all orders
orders:writeAccess to create and update orders
subscriptions:readAccess to list and view all subscriptions
subscriptions:writeAccess to create and update subscriptions
themes:readAccess to list and view all themes
themes:writeAccess to create and update themes
transactions:readAccess to list and view all transactions
transactions:writeAccess to create and update transactions
tickets:readAccess to list and view all tickets
tickets:writeAccess to create and update tickets
users:readAccess to list and view all users
users:writeAccess to create and update users
webhooks:readAccess to list and view all webhooks
webhooks:writeAccess to create and update webhooks