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Testing Guide

Testing your integration is a critical step when developing on the 29 Next platform. There are two distinct paths to creating Test Orders, Transactions, and Subscriptions through the Admin API or storefront checkout flow.

Test Gateway

The Test Gateway behaves exactly as a regular gateway, when orders are created using the test gateway, they also have associated Test transactions.

Test Gateway CardUse Case
4111111111111111Test standard payment flow with successful transaction.
5555555555554444Test 3DS payment flow with successful transaction.
4012888888881881Test standard payment declined flow with failed transaction.

Setup Test Gateway

To setup the test gateway, go to Settings > Payments > Add Gateway to add the Test Gateway to your store. Next, add the Test Gateway to your default gateway group or use the gateway ID directly through the Admin API.


The test gateway path requires setting up the gateway and can negatively impact your store's live order flows. Use with caution if your store has live traffic.

Test Cards

Test cards can be used on live stores and live integrations to create Test Orders with the exception they do not touch the gateway and have no attached transactions.

Test CardUse Case
6011111111111117Test payment success flow without transaction.
6011000990139424Test 3DS payment flow without transaction.

Test cards can be used to test your live integration flows without changing any store payment settings. Test cards are generally safe to use to test your flows.

Test Subscriptions

Subscriptions can be created with both the Test Gateway and Test Cards, however there are some small behavior differences at this time.

Test CardUse Case
4111111111111111Test subscription can create renewal orders.
6011111111111117Test subscription cannot create renewal orders.